Website Development


South Sutter Charter School

CMS Administration and Front-End Web Development.Go to Website

Website Development and CMS Administration


Holbrook Amplification

Various WordPress tasks including recovering a hacked  site  (prior admin) and migrating to new hosting provider.  Summer 2020 re-design using Avada.  Go to Website

Website Development


DJ Mix Right

Custom Wix template modifications.  Go to Website

Website Development


IEM IT Help Center

Template customizations and Zendesk content management.Go to Website

Landing Page Creation & Design

Social Media

South Sutter Charter School

Creating pages that work well when shared to social media including all the necessary Open Graph elements.Go to Facebook Page

Website Development and CMS Administration


Innovative Education Management

Summer 2020 website re-design using BeTheme. Go to Website

For Fun

WordPress vs. Wix

Maren McPeak

Testing differences between Wix and WordPress.  The site you are currently viewing is on WordPress but see it also on Wix.  Go to Website


The services I offer are for those that want to hire someone to simply do their digital design and development work for them. Ideal clients are those who work with specialized professionals on the daily and understand the value of such work.

​Web Design

Define website goal and audience, build sitemap and wireframes, design content and pages, incorporate visual elements.​

Web Development

Website design deployment on a CMS such as WordPress, Joomla, and Zendesk. Build templates and pages, develop forms and other interactivity, develop API integrations with client’s external content sources such as Facebook, Google, and Instagram.

Ongoing Maintenance

Ongoing maintenance of websites, social and email campaigns. Includes periodic updates for established websites as well as creation of landing pages used for social media and email campaigns. Rate is $75 per hour charged monthly.

​CMS Administration

WordPress and Joomla system updates, backups, plugin installations, theme updates, and migrations.

​Contract Services

Available to those who want to supplement their design/development teams for special projects and are willing to accept a remote worker. Interested in teams and projects that are chill yet productive and enhance my skillset.